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Wanted: Sailor Moon Fan Art! If you have any Sailor Moon fan art that you would displayed, just email me and tell me what name you'd like to go by so I can give you credit. Thanks!

1-03-03 A new layout is up. It was just too long without a revamp of this site. ^_^ In fact, this is only the third layout of the main page, and only the second of the subpages, and its my oldest site. o_O I guess since it was my first site ever, I didn't want to change it as much, kinda like preserving an antique or something >.>

6-11-02 Send me your fanart! If you have any ideas of what you'd like to see on this site, drop me an email ^_^

11-29-01 I've gotten lots and lots of wonderful fanart from y'all. I've gotten some of it up since august, but not any recently. I'm sorry its not up yet. This semester has been really busy and I've been spending what little time I have working on my main site. I promise, cross-my-heart, that all the fanart will be up sometime after Christmas when I have re-gained my sanity. @_@ Enjoy the rest of the site!

8-16-01 Well I took the summer to make my FY site and now that it is up and running I can start updating this site again. I added all the wonderful fan art y'all sent me so go check it out (and keep sending it) ^^ The rest of the villains section of the characters should be completed in a few more days and then that will be up too. If you have a few moments, feedback on the site is appreciated, but as always, no flames.

4-11-01 This is my new layout for my sailor moon site. I got bored in class a few days ago and decided to give this site a new look. ^_^ I hadn't changed the actual layout much since I first made

Disclaimer: *taps microphone* Hi, it's me again. Just wanted to let everyone know that Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon is Naoko Takeuchi, TOEI, DiC, Kodansha and Bandai.