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Queen Beryl / Dark Generals
BerylQueen Beryl is the main villain of the first season. She is the avatar of Queen Metallia (known as the "negaforce" in the dub) a mass of evil black energy. She was possessed by Queen Metallia's evil energy and lead an attack on the Moon Kingdom a thousand years ago. Her and her four generals were able to destroy the kingdom, but were sealed away at the last moment by Queen Serenity. In the present, her and her generals manage to escape which prompted Luna to awaken Sailor Moon. beryl staff

Jadeite is the first general used by Beryl to capture human energy to release Queen Metallia.

Nephlite is the second general Queen Beryl used. His job was also to collect energy. Naru fell in love with him and eventually he also fell in love with Naru. A third general, Zoicite, desires his position and constantly tries to undermine him.

Zoicite is the third general. His job was to locate the ginzuishou (silver crystal). He used the kurozuishou (black crystal) to locate 7 nijizuishou (rainbow crystals) that would combine to form the ginzuishou. He and the fourth general, Kunzite, are, close

Kunzite is the fourth and final general of Beryl's. While he lost the ginzuishou, he did manage to kidnap Tuxedo Kamen. Kunzite, by accident, sends the senshi back in time to the old moon kingdom where recovered some of their past memories.