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Black Moon Family
Prince Dimando is the head of the Black Moon Family. He wants to conquer the earth since he and his family were banished when Crystal Tokyo was established. He gets help from Wiseman and is eventually betrayed by him. He wants to return to earth so that is brother, Safiru, can see grass and flowers and sunlight. He and his family travel from the 30th century to the present to try and take over earth of the past when it was more vulnerable. When he realizes Wiseman has lied and betrayed him, he regrets his actions and sacrifices himself for Sailor Moon.

Safiru is the younger brother of Prince Dimando. He is fiercely loyal to his brother. He realizes the treachery of Wiseman and tries to stop him by going to earth to find his brother to tell him the truth, but is killed by Wiseman first. As Safiru died, the black moon on his forehead, the symbol of the black moon family, disappears, symbolizing his turn to good.
Emeraude Emeraude is the next member of the Black Moon family to try and take over earth. She uses small statuette of herself to focus dark energy. Her greed and ambition cause her to ask Wiseman to make her more powerful. Wiseman gives her a crown of black crystal telling her she will be Queen. The dark energy from the crown consumes her and she turns into a rampaging dragon. She is killed by the senshi soon afterwards.
Rubeus is given the job of finding Chibiusa who had taken the Ginzuishou with her to the past. He uses the Ayakashi Sisters to help him out. When all of his plans fail, he tries one last time to capture the senshi and Chibiusa. Chibiusa destroys his ship's power supply and the senshi escape before his ship detonates and he is killed.
Petz Petz is the oldest of the Ayakashi sisters. Her attack is Dark Lighting and her counterpart of Sailor Jupiter. When she and her sister, Karaberas, are betrayed by Rubeus and shown compassion by the senshi and the two youngest sisters, both lose the black moon insignia on their foreheads and become good. When Safiru comes to earth to warn his brother, it's discovered that Petz is in love with him. (family more refers to the fact they are all the same species so Petz and Safiru aren't breaking any "rules")
Karaberas is the second oldest of the Ayakashi sisters. She is very conceited and cares little for the mission. Her attack is to use a whip and her counterpart is Sailor Venus. Along with her sister, Petz, she turns good when she is betrayed by Rubeus and the senshi and her two younger sisters show her compassion.
Beruche is the third oldest of the Ayakashi sisters. She prefers to use tactics and strategies to carry out her missions. Her attack is Dark Water and her counterpart is Sailor Mercury. Sailor Mercury is the one who convinces her to turn good during a battle and her black moon insignia disappears.
Cooan is the youngest and probably the most aggressive of the Ayakashi sisters. She is also conceited, especially about her face. Her attack is Dark Fire and her counterpart is Sailor Mars. She has a crush on Rubeus and believes in his loyalty to her until a blatant betrayal and Sailor Mars convinces her to turn good.
Wicked Lady
Black Lady is Wiseman's "creation" Black Lady captured Chibiusa and convinced her that she was unloved and with his dark energy brainwashed her. Chibiusa then grew into an adult. Black Lady was the key to opening the dark gate but Sailor Moon, as Neo-Queen Serenity, overcame the brainwashing and Chibiusa returned to normal.
Wiseman is an entity that Prince Dimando asks to help his mission to take over the world. Wiseman is actually using Dimando to open the Dark Gate so Wiseman can destroy the solar system. Dimando finally catches on and tries to destroy Wiseman but fails. Sailor Moon as Neo-Queen Serenity, and Chibiusa as Princess Serenity use the silver crystal to destroy Wiseman.