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Kou Seiya / SailorStar Fighter
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Seiya Seiya is the lead vocalist of the hit rock group Three Lights. He has a crush on Usagi which turns to full blown love near the end of the season. Usagi wants to be friends but can not return his feelings since she loves Mamoru. Seiya is the most carefree and open minded of the group. He is the first, and often the only one, to accept the senshi as partners and friends. However, he does have a problem with Haruka since Haruka distrusts him and his group since they are from outside the solar system. Haruka is very protective of Usagi and tries to keep Seiya away from her. Seiya transforms into Sailor Star Fighter, his true identity. In true form, Sailor Star Fighter is female. The male form is a disguise. It may be a very good disguise, but it is only a disguise. Seiya, and the other two, took the form of male idols to hopefully attract their princess more easily. The starlights are a mysterious group with an unknown agenda. The starlights do not accept the senshi since they feel the senshi are getting in the way of the mission. It is similar to the situation between the outer and inner senshi in the third season.

Transformation Phrase
Fighter Star Power, Make Up!
I turn into Sailor Star Fighter

Star Serious Laser
In this attack, a circle of stars appears around me and then condenses into my hand above my head. A beam of energy shoots out from it. Later it is shown that the energy comes from a star shaped object held above my head.