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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
an online encyclopedia of Sailor Moon information. Complete summaries of each Japanese episode and great character information. Also has an interactive A-Z dictionary, significant dates and mile stones in the series

Meatball Head Moon Page
A great site for beginners. There are summaries of all the seasons and good character information. A mix of sub and dub info

The Sailor Moon Hideaway
This site has both an anime and a manga version. Great character info and also detailed name translation and background.

Sailor Music
This site has almost every song from both American and Japanese Sailor Moon CD's Nicely categorized and often the songs come with lyrics and/or translations Music is in *.ogg format. They are the same quality as MP3s with half the file size and can be played by most MP3 players.

A great site for fan-subs. Excellent quality, pricing, and shipping. Unfortunately, this site only distributes the Stars Season of Sailor Moon but also has one or two other shows and now offers cases for the S, Supers, and Stars seasons. Now offers DVD format. They're definitely worth checking out.

Sailor Moon and other Animated Videos
This site has the first and last seasons of Sailor Moon, plus the first four and the last 17 of the R season. The entire series is available in raw Japanese and a few other languages. This site also has tons more episodes of other anime as well.

Sailor Mercury
The Sailor Mercury Shrine of Water

Sailor Mars
Fire Senshi's Realm

Sailor Jupiter
Lady Jupiter's Eternal Sailor Moon Pae

Sailor Venus
Sailor-V Headquarters
Beam of the Love Senshi 2000

Sailor Pluto

Sailor Uranus
Sailor Uranus Temple

Sailor Neptune

Sailor Saturn
Burnin' Silence: Hotaru's Planet of Silence