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Mizuno Ami / Sailor Mercury
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Ami Hi, my name is Mizuno Ami. A pleasure to meet you. I live with my mom in a huge mansion. My mom is a doctor and is very busy so I don't see her a whole lot. My dad is a painter and travels all around the world. He never writes, but every now and then I get a picture from him. I want to be a doctor when I grow up, but I also want to have a big family since I grew up with just my mom. I am very smart and I go to cram schools everyday after regular school so that I can get into a good school and fulfill my dream of being a doctor. I study a lot too. My friends, Usagi, Rei, Makoto and Minako all come to me for homework help. Since I studied a lot and was very smart I didn't have many friends until Usagi and the others came along. They are all very important to me. I was awakened as Sailor Mercury when a youma (demon) set up a fake cram school and used it to brainwash people. I was at this cram school when the demon attacked and the sign of Mercury appeared on my forehead. Luna gave me a transformation pen and Sailor Moon and I defeated the youma.

I also transform into Super Sailor Mercury

Transformation Phrases
Mercury Power, Make Up!
I turn into Sailor Mercury

Mercury Star Power, Make Up!
I turn into Sailor Mercury (episode 65)

Mercury Crystal Power, Make Up!
I turn into Super Sailor Mercury (episode 154)

Computer and VR Visor
my visor goes across my eyes and my mini super computer can analyze data and sometimes I can track the location of enemies or objects.

Shabon Spray

Shabon Spray Freezing
a powered up version of my first attack

Shine Aqua Illusion

Mercury Aqua Rhapsody
my attack as Super Sailor Mercury