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Tsukino Usagi / Sailor Moon
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Usagi Hi, I'm Tsukino Usagi! (Serena in the dub) I'm just your average 14 year old in junior high. I may be a bit ditzy, okay, a lot ditzy, a crybaby, a "food-o-holic", and not the best student in school, but I'm also very cheerful, optimistic and a great friend. I care about people a lot and I would do anything to keep my friends and family from getting hurt. I live with my mother Ikuko, my father Kenji, and my younger brother Shingo. Shingo likes to call me baka Usagi or "stupid" Usagi. I was awakened as Sailor Moon when Luna, a talking cat, came to my room one day and gave me a brooch and told me to say "moon prism power, make up!" I was rather shaky as a super-heroine (seeing as how I didn't really want to be one) at the beginning but I gradually accepted my role and I matured a lot through out the series.

I also transform into Super Sailor Moon, Eternal Sailor Moon, Princess Serenity and Neo-Queen Serenity

Transformation Phrases
Moon Prism Power, Make Up!
I turn into Sailor Moon

Moon Crystal Power, Make Up!
I turn into Sailor Moon (episode 51)

Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up!
I turn into Sailor Moon (episode 91)

Crisis, Make Up!
I turn from Sailor Moon into Super Sailor Moon (episode 112)

Moon Crisis, Make Up!
I turn into Super Sailor Moon (episode 130)

Moon Eternal, Make Up!
I turn into Eternal Sailor Moon (episode 173)

I use a magical locket to transform into Sailor Moon. I get a new locket about every season.

Transformation Pen
I say "moon power" and then whatever I want to turn into and then "ni nare" and I can turn into anything I want

I use items when I attack (the phrases I use with them are in italics):

Moon Tiara
Moon Tiara Action

Moon Stick
Moon Healing Activation, Cosmic Moon Power

Cutie Moon Rod
Moon Princess Escalation

Spiral Heart Moon Rod
Moon Spiral Heart Attack, Rainbow Moon Heart Ache

Moon Kaleidoscope
Moon Gorgeous Meditation

Eternal Tier
Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss, Silver Moon Power Kiss

Tsukino Usagi in Japanese means "bunny of the moon" There is an old Japanese tale about a rabbit on the moon who pounded rice to make into rice cakes. Usagi's dub name, Serena probably comes from the Greek mythology of Selene, the goddess of the moon. Selene fell in love with a shepherd named Endymion (also the name of Princess Serenity's lover in the show) and she asked Zeus to grant him eternal youth so that she could look at his beauty forever. Zeus caused him to be in an eternal sleep so that he would never grow old and stay beautiful.