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Meiou Setsuna / Sailor Pluto
Setsuna I am the mysterious senshi Sailor Pluto. I was not killed during the battle that destroyed the Moon Kingdom so I am over 1000 years old. I am the guardian of time and I carry around the time key. I am a good friend of Small Lady who is also known as Chibiusa. Not much else is known about me.

Transformation Phrases
Pluto Power, Make Up!
I turn into Sailor Pluto

Time Key
This is the key to the gates of time. On top of the key is the third talisman, the garnet orb.

Dead Scream
After whispering the phrase, a purple planet-shaped ball of energy comes from the time key and blasts the enemy

Dark Dome Close
This is a forbidden power that I use at the cost of my life to save Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune