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Tomoe Hotaru / Sailor Saturn
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Hotaru Hi, I'm Hotaru. I have had a very eventful life. When I was younger, my father was in an accident and he and I were seriously injured. To save my life, he allowed himself to be possessed by a daimon. Unknown to him, I was also possessed by the entity Mistress 9. I try to be a kind person, but every so often, the evil part of me surfaces and I hurt people. I also have the power to heal injuries and people think that is very strange. That is why I had no friends. When I met Chibiusa, she was not afraid of my abilities and we became good friends. Mistress 9 eventually took over and surfaced. However, with the help of Sailor Moon, I defeated her and that is when I transformed into Sailor Saturn.

Transformation Phrases
I am the only senshi who is never shown using a transformation phrase

Silence Glaive
I can use this to cut through anything as a defense against attacks, and to use my own attacks

Silent Wall
This is a defensive move and blocks any attack.

Silence Glaive Surprise
A huge ball of energy forms at the tip of the glaive and I swing the glaive towards the ground to release the energy. Everything becomes totally silent as the glaive is going towards the ground

Death Reborn Revolution
this is a manga-only attack. It is only included here because people often confuse it with silence glaive surprise. In this attack, ribbons come from the glaive and shred everything. They don't stop until everything is destroyed. And I mean EVERYTHING.