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A thousand years ago, there was a kingdom called the Silver Millennium ruled from the Moon by Queen Serenity and her daughter, Princess Serenity. The Princess was also in love with a prince of Earth named Endymion. There was a war between an evil force called Metallia and the Silver Millenium and everyone was killed. Just before the Queen died however, she used a mythical stone called the ginzuishou or "silver crystal" to reincarnate the princess and her four guardians: Sailor Mercury, Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Jupiter, and her beloved Prince Endymion to a more peaceful time on Earth. This is where the story really begins. One by one, Sailor Moon (later revealed to be the princess), Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus are found and put into "active duty" by the Queens former feline attendants, Luna and Artemis, who were also sent to the future to train and aide the princess and her guardian soldiers. Each season has the sailor senshi(Japanese for "soldier") fighting different forms of evil with different evil plans, and protecting the earth.