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Aino Minako / Sailor Venus
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venus Hi! I'm Aino Minako! I live in the same city as the others, but I go to a different public school. I'm a lot like Usagi in some respects. We both like putting off our homework and while I'm not as bad as Usagi, I can't say that I'm the greatest student either. I was awakened as a senshi long before the others. I was originally called Sailor V and had a different outfit than I do now. I worked with a Interpol officer in fighting crime in London. I became so popular that there are movies and comics about me and I even have my own video game! When I came back to Japan, I helped fight the villains who had the other inner senshi (Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter) trapped. I was able to free them and we all escaped. Usagi was pretty impressed that I, Sailor V herself, was part of the team.

I also transform into Super Sailor Venus

Transformation Phrases
Venus Power, Make Up!
I turn into Sailor Venus

Venus Star Power, Make Up!
I turn into Sailor Venus (episode 65)

Venus Crystal Power, Make Up!
I turn into Super Sailor Venus (episode 154)

Crescent Beam

Crescent Beam Shower
a powered up version of my first attack, I only used it once

Venus Love Me Chain

Venus Love and Beauty Shock!
my attack as Super Sailor Venus